Pausing to do the important rather than the urgent

Tom McCallum

As I wrote about a while ago in: “Why don’t we do the important things?”, we humans have a tendency to focus on doing Urgent rather than Important things.

This year I planned out to have a quiet month of August so that I would have time and space to focus on important work, the type of deep focus work that I need to immerse myself in without being distracted by seemingly urgent things.

I planned to hit the “pause” button on much of the urgency around me to allow space to focus on the important but often overlooked in the “urgency of now”.

Ok, so far so good, but I also procrastinate sometimes (If you do too, I recommend “The War of Art” by Pressfield, a short and powerful read for creatives who procrastinate!).

As regards my daily posting, then, right now I am feeling that my this part of my work is “urgent” but not quite that “important”, they are also acting as a form of procrastination, where I stop myself from getting into focussed work early in the day and write instead.

Yesterday was a terrific example, as I wrote a really long post that took a few hours to pull together, hence I didn’t get into my important focussed work.

So, for the next week or more, whilst I will continue to post daily, I will discipline myself to keep the daily posts short and sweet. A little like this one ;)

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