Convergence is having a big impact on journalism, a popular belief is that it is hurting journalism due to the time we live in dominated by technology, as print media now becoming more and more obsolete, with stories being presented and published from digital forms including mobile, radio, tv, social media ect.

Convergence is the production and coming together of mass media communication outlets, which include print, tv, radio, online and social media and can be accessed on different portables and technologies. (Iphones, Ipads)

This kind of technology allow journalists to be able to edit and upload their articles or stories to the public instantly, mobile journalism is becoming more and more common, and this is having an effect on Print Media, as seen in a recent example of Fairfax cutting 120 journalists. (

It is also effecting journalists in the way they have to report, the old fashioned way of reporting is now out the door and journalists now have to be ready to think and report from a digital standpoint, (Mojo journalism, Social media blogs).

Journalism is evolving and Convergence is having an effect on that, with technology continually evolving, journalism is as well.

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