Glocality, which is a combination of the words ‘Globalization’ and ‘Localization’ that means a product or service that is distributed around the globe, and is fashioned for not just the wider scale but the consumer in the local market. Through the development of globalization, products or services don’t have to just benefit the local consumer, but now can be extremely beneficial to the global village. This means that a person can act as if they’re in the same locality or proximity (Meyrowitz 2005)

Glocality is possible due to the development of modern technology, and is linked to globalization and the media due to our global village (McLuhan) and how we are all connected, although we still live in the same area, we are constantly receiving information on how others live in localities different from our own (Meyrowitz 2005)

The media contributes to glocality due to how it can bring something that is local global, and something global local, for example, Sportscentre from the U.S is shared globally, and not just received from its local audience, same with musicians, with their music being played on radio, tv channels and online via youtube. As Meyrowitz said “media of all kinds extend our perpetual field” (Meyrowitz 2005)

An example for me was recently i was in a basketball store in Melbourne and they accustomed the popular American sport and made it feel for local. They had the popular jerseys from overseas like LeBron James and Stephen Curry but also had Andrew Gaze’s Australian Boombers jersey, as well other Australian players jerseys, this is one of many examples of Glocality that someone may experience.

Glocality gives us the opportunity to experience outside products and services from around the globe in our own proximity, and this will only continue to grow.


Glocal Scene — Documentary about the global/local music scenes — Joshua Meyrowitz — The Rise of Glocality New Senses of Place and Identity in the Global Village." McLuhan, M. Media Research: Technology, Art and Communication

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