How common or widespread is the use of multimedia journalism in the media?

It is clear that multimedia journalism is used all around the world for many different news purposes, there is many different ways to publish content to tell a news story, this includes video, photos, audio, graphics, social media, print, internet, radio and television. The old style of journalism which included good old fashioned reporting is of the past now, with the development of technology connecting the world together the new method of multimedia journalism is easier to find and express information. The non linear form of approaching a story and reporting it allows the audience to access or enter the story from any place they like. Smartphones and social media have allowed for people to access new stories from their pockets, and reporters have followed (blogs) one example being: “Ekstra Bladet, one of Denmark’s oldest news publications, is now also one of its most prolific online news producers.” Mobile Journalism (Mojo) has also been commonly used, this allows for the journalist to shoot, edit, and publish a story or scene directly from their smartphone, and the easy access allows them to send it to their publisher immediately, giving the editor several options to publish the story.