16 Aims for 2016

A year of connection and creation instead of consumption and criticism

As always, I’ve tried to come up with suggestions for how you can help me with each one. Enjoy!

1. Just keep writing

Continue writing in a way that connects with my dear friends and those who are searching for guidance and fulfillment. I want it to be actually helpful and resourceful and grounding. I wanted to practice my “roar”: bringing it up from the depths.

Try: being brave and asking what you want to see me write about, or being rude and demanding that I stick to deadlines and don’t be a perfectionist.

2. Be more prepared for work

Eat breakfast at home and arrive at work earlier, so I’m more in control and ready for sociable times.

3. Eat more meals with people I care about

And connect with them deeply. *chingggg* Use my lunches better during work to relax and be sociable. This will mean less time with texting Hannah.

Try: inviting yourself to dinner or inviting me to dinner (cheeky!)

4. Enjoy “Rowmance”

I want to geek out and enjoy a wild “rowmance” adventure with Hannah. Three words: Scotland. Camping. Canoeing. This means planning ahead well. Get into it!

Try: celebrating romance with us

5. Do more things with God, rather than for God

Because I used to do this and it was the joy of my life. To do things in response, and in “conscious loving union”. Do less rushing in favour of getting involved.
p.s. The “older brother” misses out while working in his father’s fields.
p.p.s. Some say the first separation of Eve was to talk about God, rather than with Him.
p.p.p.s. “I will wake, and spend my days loving the one who raised me up, from death to life…”

Try: having deep conversations with me without watching the clock

6. Say less and mean more

Resist the urge to over-share. Wait until inspired or asked to share opinion. Listen to the Spirit within me to direct my actions, and then pay the cost of honesty.

Try: it yourself

7. Digest teaching more healthily

because good teaching should be chewed over and worked into the system before the goods come out. Savour it. Contemplate it. Discuss it. Test it. I am sometimes so focussed on hearing something new, that I miss the richness of what came before.

8. Use my anger in creative action

“the best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.” This means turning political anger into creative outcomes. I could use my design skills or just show up and get involved.

Try: helping me recognise what gets me fired up

9. Use holidays better

This means recording days taken off and making the most of them in order to enjoy my work more healthily and whole-heartedly.

Try: let’s go on a holiday together!

10. Spend more than 10 minutes in silence

unstimulated without entertainment each day, by the end of the year.

Try: leaving me alone (LOLZ)

11. Experience more activities one at a time

increasing my experience of full involvement and flow, especially when it comes to watching TV programmes, listening to music, reading, browsing the web and conversation.

Try: nudging me to stop what I’m doing

12. Track how much time I spend on my laptop

to empower choice.

13. I want to be less irritable and more open-hearted

this means being more peaceful. Responding to events slowly, and working from a knowledge of God’s grace toward me.

Try: staying in my life

14. Buy less and make more

This means fixing things, selling things, making things, re-making things. This means solving less of my problems by buying things. Make more meals from scratch.

Try: it with me

15. Have fun with family

Enjoy trying new things. Celebrate in weird and wild ways. Talk about deep things. Show up at unusual times. Make something together!

Try: something new with me, fam

16. Read the news less

because it doesn’t really help much. Apart from major events, this means read the news only once a day and definitely not the metro because it makes me sad.

Thank you again, truly, for all of you who read these and help me in them. Please remind me of them, bother me with them, and challenge me on them. You have full permission.

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