Why diversity is not adversity.

Calle and Sally my neice

Populism is poping up everywhere in the western world. Xenophobia in certain part of the world is reaching alarming proportions.

Instead of punishing policy maker through vote of no confidence, people are taking on minorities.

It is looking like minorties are the root of all evil. The saying that minorities are taking our jobs and so forth is ridiculous. Most of the time the jobs taken by immigrants are those that nationals are not eager to take.

Most of the countries in the western world were built by labor , mostly made of minorities coming either from Africa or other remote places in the world.

Leaders in order to be elected are bringing up the immigration card, From brexit to the election of Donald TRUMP, the populist movement have managed to convince voters that diversty has become adversity.

Donald TRUM has called mexican illigal immigrant rapist, as if every rape has been commit by mexican.

During colonialism noboby issued entry visa to the colonialist. I am not saying this to support illigal immigration though. I think the immigration laws need to be implemented.

Many populists are also betting on isolationnism as a way to reduce unemployment and increase life conditions. No country in the world can live on its own. All countries need each other.

Inequality in the world, failed policy in the western world in supporting dictatorship in many african countries are to blaim for the scale of immigration in the world.

Look at Lybia, Irak, Syria all this countries are in trouble because of failed policy in the western world.

There is an other positive way of looking at diversity, I thought that we were not saying much about the benefit and advantages of diversity. It is everyone responsibility to do so.

So why do you need to diverse you team?

  1. Because diversity increases curiosity and improves perceiption of cultural differences. When you are part of a diversed team, you are much eager to leran from the other person and to accept him as he is.
  2. Diversity gives an indication on how the world perceives us.
  3. Diversity sells, a diverse team is always well percieved by our customers.
  4. Diversity is the father of innovation, it is said that a third of all startup founders in Silicon bay area were born outside the united state.

I strongly believe that all companies should embrace diversity. It is leaders responsibility to encourage and build diverse team.

What do you think ?

Tom Mutshid