Fresh Ideas for Team Building Activities

It’s no surprise that people have trouble working together in a team fashion. With everyone all out to get ahead and do their very best to beat their competition all the time, the attitude about team exercises for many is simply “why bother?” Still when you are trying to bring your group around a common goal sometimes it can be best to take them out from their comfort zone and challenge your team and all the members therein to try something a little bit different. There are many fresh ideas for team building activities which go beyond the tried and true boring activities of yesteryear.

Hunter Games

In this life and in your business, it is always a matter of being the hunter or the hunted. One of the fresh ideas for team building activities actually picks right up on the success of so many film franchises and lets your group play against one another in a hunter games activity. Depending on the size of your group you can have smaller groups all going out against one another or you can have individualised attention towards their individual goal. Hunter games is something like laser tag but really gets your groups thinking about how they can use strategy and even in some cases sacrifice for the greater good.

Wet & Wild

With zip lining, tree climbing, river crossing and so much more, the wet & wild contingency has got you covered with all the obstacles your team can handle. Imagine being out on a course which is spread out over several kilometers and trying to make your whole team achieve the greater good of a group communal success? That is what the wet and wild courses are all about. You and your team will be out competing against the obstacles set before them, all while trying to beat the times of the other teams. These courses bring out the best in groups as they allow everyone a shot at bringing in your team ahead of another team. The implicit camaraderie which occurs on exercises like these cannot be overstated.

Hunter Games Extreme

Maybe you are more interested in something that is going to be a whole lot more consuming for your team building exercises. The extreme version of the hunter games might be just the thing to get your teams up and thinking about teamwork in a serious manner. The extreme version of these things can actually have teams out living the course; something which many people will find utterly jarring. While playing a “game” or competing in something for a shorter period of time is something that we can all fake our way through if we need to, living an experience is something else altogether. If you have ever tried camping outdoors with family or living on the lamb in the jungle with a fugitive, then you might have an idea of what these more extreme hunter games are about. However if you have never faced adversity with at least one other person for a prolonged period of time then you might really glean something valuable from these amazing team building exercises.

Fresh ideas for team building activities can’t come fast enough. As soon as they have been introduced the critical masses are already telling us why they don’t work. However if you need to strengthen your team and you don’t know where to turn, then perhaps you should be looking to one of the experts in the field of team building like Wild Rosanna. They can help you and your whole team achieve all that you set out to accomplish together.

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