Things You Need to Know About Nail Art

You can make a statement and bring out your personality through nail art. With the right kit and some patience, you can end up with great nail designs that will be the envy of your friends. When done right, nail art can become on obsession. You may quickly find it impossible to walk around without paint on your nails.

If you want to paint nails by yourself, there are a few hacks that can make the task easier. Here are some tips that will help you with nail art design.

i) Get the perfect two-tone design

You can get the perfect two-tone design by using tape. After choosing two different colored polishes, paint the lighter polish on each nail and seal it with a clear top coat. When the polish has dried, get two strips of tape and apply them from the tip of the nail, making them cross at the middle point. Do this for all the nails. Next, apply a layer of the darker polish on top of the nails. When the layer has dried, remove the strips slowly to reveal the two-tone design.

ii) Get the perfect half-moon design

To achieve the perfect half-moon mani, use paper hole reinforcement stickers as a guide. Seal the stickers into place around the base of the nail with a nail art dotter tool or a bobby pin. Next, paint the first coat on the nails using the stickers to guide you. Do this for all nails before painting the second coat. When the second coat dries, remove the stickers carefully to display your perfect half-moon design.

iii) Paint on a sandwich bag first

Sometimes, you may find painting nail art on your hands challenging. If this is the case, try painting the designs on a sandwich bag first instead of your nails. Start with a few coats of thick polish on the plastic and finish off with your design on top. When the paint has dried, peel off the designs from the plastic and use clear topcoat or nail art glue to attach them on your nail.

iv) Make your nail color eye-catchy

The natural hue of your fingers usually determines how your nail polish will end up looking. This is unless you are applying an opaque polish. If you want the nails to spot the true color of the polish, start by applying white polish before going over with the colored polish. This way, the colored nail polish will pop.

v) Prevent painted nails from chipping

An easy way to ensure the nails you paint do not chip is by applying two layers of polish for the basecoat. One of the layers should cover the top half of your nail while the second one should cover the whole nail. Wait for the first layer to dry before painting the second layer. The polish on the tip of the nails usually chip easily. However, you can make them last longer by applying two layers.

vi) Use white craft glue or petroleum jelly for easy nail cleanup

If you know the design you want will turn messy, rub petroleum jelly on the skin around the nails before starting to paint. By applying the jelly, you will create a barrier between the skin and the polish. This will make it easy to wipe off any polish mistakes and the jelly after finishing painting.

You can also ensure paint does not dry on the skin around your nails by first applying Elmer’s Glue and leaving it to dry. You can then apply polish on the nails and after finishing, clean up the area by peeling off the glue.
The above are some hacks you can follow to get the perfect nail art designs. For more ideas, you can visit

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