Dear ma,
Abderrahman Lahbabi

ADAM, ANY GREAT WRITER WILL TELL YOU THAT LYING, DECEIVING AND MISDIRECTION ARE ALL LEGITIMATE TOOLS FOR THE ARTIST OF THE WRITTEN WORD. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WHEN YOU PUT PEN TO PAPER. YOU MAY EVEN MAKE A BUCK OR TWO. PROBABLY NOT MORE THAN THAT SINCE WE LOVE TO WORK AT MEDIUM.COM. THAT CORN-FED CEO HAS A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO. GO CORN. GO ETHANOL. GO TO THE BEACH. DON’T GO TO BROWN UNIVERSITY. keep writing and keep integrating your defiant attitude into your words and keep smoking ducati diablo cigarettes. ducati diablo, when you can’t go to the beach and your mom thinks you are a pinko commie for writing about wealth and don’t say diddly-squat about money. giddyup.