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“And who am I to be in my brave, new world: THOMAS BARTON JD or THOMAS REESE BARTON JD ? And might it be possible that my subconscious demands I earn the distinctive ALLCAPS form by actually achieving the goal of standing at the ready before the “heavy bag?” Do you think my goal is a quixotic quest ? Pointless folly for a 55 year old man soon to be 56 ? If I acquiesce so readily what does that say about my person, my mind, my identity ? You told me at first that you liked to shoot the 308 at 100 meters. I am sure you did and do. But behind that was a superb shooter who can do such wonders as lying dormant for 5 years and then shooting quite well at long range. The others on this site do not know what it really means to be someone who can shoot at 650 meters and beyond. I do know. I know what that means. I am uncertain how to proceed.