Why I Left the Best Wife in the Tech World
Christopher Daniels (Notorious DCI)

AS USUAL I AM SIMULTANEOUSLY ENJOYING MEDIUM.COM AND HOPELESSLY CONFUSED . HOW CAN THE DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR WRITE THIS PIECE AND THEN HIGHLIGHT HIS OWN SECTION IN SEEMING TRIUMPH AND SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT ? THIS SITE IS BEWILDERING TO ME, A MERE 55 YEAR OLD SMART-ALECK OBSESSED WITH STORIES OF SOON-TO-BE-DETONATING CHINESE COPPER IMPLOSION BOMBS ON BLOOMBERG.COM. THAT STUFF I UNDERSTAND. THIS CORN-FED CEO NEEDS TO CLARIFY THE WHOLE SET-UP BEFORE THIS SITE EVER RIVALS THE DISNEY EMPIRE. GIDDYUP. i am hungry and i get more easily confused if i haven’t had my morning protein. “morning protein” does not cause cancer unlike medium.com and my beloved ducati diablo cigarettes. i will smoke them until the day my defective heart valve implodes. maybe next spring. i love green, green trees in spring and a collapse of my circulatory system. amen and amen. are corn flakes any good for breakfast when you are 55 ?

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