It was a book very like this one. I wrote this one too but it didn’t have the 30,000 print run.

augustkhalilibrahim, Good golly, Miss Molly, you take all my smart-aleck nonsense literally such as re: the order of me and Oliver Shiny. needs to add a “smart-aleck” icon. So you are an accomplished technical writer. That is still a writer. Isn’t it ? Keep smiling and if you think you want to write something that will get tons of recommends then do it. It is your life. Hell, I want to learn how to read Tarot Cards. I am sure many people think that is nonsense. Fine by me. It ain’t their life. So I am now officially requesting a story, an actual story written in 8 parts or more and I will comment quickly and freely on the story. It will be like a mini-repeat of the fun I had with Giulia Blasi and her great “The Dog Princess.” Come on, kiddo, you can write. I need someone to serialize a story so I can get my “free-flowing-commentary-high”. That is a joke by the by. Help a devil dog out. Help yourself. Help others. Help Denmark. Take a chance. Make it racy or lacey or chasey or grand or mythical or miraculous or filled to the rafters with the majesty that is the word- “fucking.” Cheers to my singular Dane beauty. ( does not endorse the rampant use of the “effing” word. Also Oliver Shiny is a stellar magnitude writer whereas I am a 4 “D” cell Maglite flashlight. That is pretty bright at zero dark thirty, by the way.)

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