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augustkhalilibrahim, I am very weary and soon to be bed and probably a plague of nightmares. i scanned your work. you write with succinct clarity. This is not common in writing. You recommended one of my posts. I swear to the gods of the Underworld who frankly ignore me when I am there that I will slowly read and analyze this post in the next 4 days. maybe 3 if i escape the nightmares tonight. I will tell you good things and I may say something that may hurt your feelings but you asked for reflections on your writing and I have been tortured by my own mind for many nights now. I will try to understate the criticism. If you believe in angels send one to hold my hand tonight even though you may not read this for many hours or days. I am told that angels can transcend time and I need anyone to hold my hand in the nightmares of my mind. (Just because I am a devil dog doesn’t mean I don’t need a gentle touch when my own strong mind turns its power against me.)Merci et merci.

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