My ability to express my appreciation of your humour was curtailed by my one-fingered pecking at my…
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

augustkhalilibrahim, One: Thank you for your kind and prompt response. My notifications bar showed the number 2 but no actual stuff. So I logged off, cleared my firefox browser and relogged on to find your kind words. Two: Oliver Shiny is not as great as he thinks he is. I am not sure if he thinks he is great but he is really, really good which is not quite great but pretty close. (Put that on your next jacket cover, Mister Big Shot.) “Mere Smart-Aleck Stuff.” trademark ‘the devil dog.’ Three: Did I imagine it or did you not respond to my request to aid the devil dog by giving me something to write a running commentary on ? You may say, No way. or you may say, Thinking it over. or you may say, Sure. I will write something in serial form and you, the devil dog, can feel free to be the semi-official running commentator. Please do not say “eff off, devil dog.” I have some feelings left in this battered and bruised carcass of a being. — — I hope this finds you well with the Ethernet book you wrote. (of course, the battered and bruised was just some hyperbole, i am not “in extremis.” Seriously, I am fine. I am a fine and serious writer. People like Sarah Cooper say: ‘That is one serious devil dog.’ Cheers to you as always : the singular, the singular Dane, the singular Dane beauty.

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