Swathy Tantry

Car Salesperson Jenny: May I help you, Misterrrr — -

Car Buyer TRBJD: Devil Dog.

Jenny: Mister Devil Dog, okay.

TRBJD: Just Devil Dog, if you don’t mind.

Jenny: Certainly, Mist — er, Devil Dog. Would you care for a spin in a four door sedan, we have a new Alfa Romeo Giulia here, it is fantastic….

Devil Dog: Actually, it is fantastic, I agree, but do you have any Swathy Tantry flash fiction in stock.

Jenny: Oh yes we have many models of hers in Flash Fiction.

Devil Dog: Do you have any with more doors and range?

Jenny: I am not sure what you mean, Mister — — sorry, Devil Dog.

Devil Dog: Do you have any of her Flash Fiction that might go to beyond her normal length. Any stories say two to three to four times longer? I just test-drove one the one called “Recess” and it was great but do you guys carry anything with a longer duration, say a FLASH Super or FLASH Plus?

Jenny: I regret we only have the models here on the showroom. Sorry, Devil Dog.