Taking Medium to the Next Level
Ev Williams

EV, YOU HIGHLIGHTED THAT I HAVE BEEN RECOMMENDED BEFORE. BUT YOU WERE SILENT ON WHETHER THAT IS A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY IT IS SAID OR IS IT ? THERE IS SOME SUCH SAW BUT I GET CONFUSED . ALSO WHY CAN’T THE NEW M LOGO HAVE MORE COLOR ? A LITTLE VIBRANT GREEN OR ROYAL PURPLE. I RECOMMEND YOUR STORY AND I RAISE YOU A HEARTY, “HI HO, SILVER, AWAY.” GIDDYUP. what is an ev exactly ? is it a macro-micro version of the new google ai robot “evan on the run ?” that google is non-stop innovation for the future of mankind and all things digital and the hope and promise of the silicon valley of the dolls. good god, you are the ceo ? i just saw that. man, i bet you were the guy i saw a bit of on bloomberg business tv awhile ago. how is the financial end going ? is the balance sheet looking better and better ? don’t let that vikram guy ruin the whole enterprise. he is a hopeless dreamer. giddyup. you have done good work for many who love to write. i am still foggy on the money end of authors on medium.com. how about a primer on how to make a buck or two on the new, improved medium.com ? i love dollar bills, who doesn’t ? amen and amen to a bright future for this little internet marvel.