Haiku Number unknown, dredged from depths: Slogging through the mud — — mind’s eye cannot see the…
Thomas R. Barton, JD

For the dynamo Wild Flower: “Folks, folks, are you suffering from the winter blues here in the high Northern Climes ? of course you are, I am a devil dog and even I have trouble getting “motivated and dedicated.” But I have the solution. Join me as I guide you on an exploration of the mysteries of Cambodia, its temples and cuisine and its singular whirlwind, who by the by, is not native to the nation of Cambodia but who will be a force to behold for a short time this coming months. Book now and look forward to the rejuvenating powers of observing and interacting with the whirlwind, who goes by the handle, Wild Flower. (No refunds and no guarantee of eternal youth upon returning to the Northern Hemisphere.)

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