Tumbling and cascading?
Gail Boenning

Gail Boenning, You call me clever in the clover, clover, clever. Tumbling — not sure are you — or are you clever in the snow tumbling and feigning or simply tumbling and enjoying? “Sir, are you teasing our cuffed prisoner, the future diarist who seems straightforward even as she prepares the ground for clover for metaphorical foragers?” ‘No, sergeant, just an inquisitive, inactive, impish Member of the Bar. Not tumbling in the snow, I am just flitting about the ether of Medium.’ Will you plant and tend the clover and that is all and that may be your calling and complete in itself? Is it complete in itself, is tumbling on your snowboard complete in itself? What is your measure of your calling to the written word on the blank page ? Tumbling, snowboarder diarist, complete in the act and complete in the literal description? And I have yet to tease you about your jaunt in merry old England. Cheers to you. Cheers to clover and tumbling on your snowboard.