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“giant caterpillar women helming a propaganda empire.” but within this verbal apparition is not the empire doomed to fail ? what then when the caterpillars spin their cocoons, whither the empire of propaganda ? what will fill the void, the silence ? and then the chrysalis splits and out fly the butterfly women. have they transcended the need for empire, or the need to infuse the world with propaganda ? does an attempt at translation lead to transmutation or does the clarity cloud into translucence ? i have no — what was that stone used to decipher the egyptian hieroglyphs ? the rosetta stone. would it aid in deciphering a world of caterpillar women helming a propaganda empire ? where to begin the tranlsation, where to demark its end ? do butterfly women even concern themselves with the terrestrial burden of propaganda ? propaganda, so earthy , so weighty, why bother now that we butterfly women soar and soar, alight gently and off to the currents of wind. what importance then is the propaganda so far below our light wings ?