I don’t know what you mean.
H. Nemesis Nyx

H. Nemesis Nyx, I think that I thought I could write words and you would do all that stuff with the words I provided and I could just say that is great . It is like a post you made but with my words and your name and my name as the authors. I am so naive. It is like you wrote that post for your editor and you hated it but i thought what if all that cool imagery would just accompany as if by magic the words I wrote. So it was my brain thinking I take a client into court during a bunch of plea negotiations and I do all the talking and fill out the plea forms and then the client signs and says to the judge guilty and there you go. I should stick to writing commentary on other people’s stories and just throwing in my little mini stories if that is what they are. Sorry for the naivete on my part and I will go to sleep and stick to the simple things like shadowboxing and green hearts and what some folks kindly tell me are “witty commentary.” I am a limited computer person and that is okay. Hell, I would prefer to take the 4 or 5 weekends of Continuing Legal Education and pony up the past Bar dues and become an active Bar member and then buy my dream Red Ducati and just blast past Harleys and truckers on the Interstate. That is easy and straightforward to me. I vow to not venture out of the shallow end of the Medium.com swimming pool again. Ever. I don’t belong in the deep end with the “big kids.” Apologies, apologies for wasting time and your patience. It will not recur. You don’t even have to explain the weird emoji. I will research it myself. I am the ideal solo practitioner. You guys in the big and medium size law firms have it down pat. Now if you will excuse me I will drink a big glass of bourbon and hit the rack and greet the morning sun tomorrow. I admire you guys and your work greatly. Even more after the past hour. Au revoir, a demain.

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