Indeed. Who needs a gun? I was a gun.
H. Nemesis Nyx

@H. Nemesis Nyx, Part of me admires the fury you have written about in this and another post. But I caution you there are men out there who by dint of schizophrenia or Psychopathology will respond unpredictably and perhaps very violently with such a forceful confrontation. I had confrontations with two such men in the past 11 years and both were armed (concealed weapons) and one was clearly a man who had spent some time in the US army infantry. I talked them down and both tracked away from me with no harm done to anyone’s life or limbs. I wish you would consider carrying pepper spray or if possible a mini-taser. Be careful, cyborg. ( as a nutty technical Medium aside everything i have just typed is in GREEN. )

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