I am tired and sad. — ,,,,, — — I am sad and tired. — — ,,,, — — — — Does the tired generate the sad — ,,,, — — Does the sad demand the tired — — ,,,, — — Does Bryce Reynolds hold the key ?Should I ask Michael McQuarrie if he sees the answer in the night window over his sons, is the sad the night and the clouds the tired ? Does Rachel B. Baxter have the divine link in her mind ? What of Tremaine L. Loadholt, she knows much, does she know the riddle’s solution ? What about David Collante, he sees light and dark, are not sad and tired hidden there ? What of Orisirisi , she sees things, she capture things ? Should I inquire of Anna Present, she weaves the unweavable, perhaps she can answer ? What of S Lynn Knight, she the poet can divine the metaphysical, surely she has an answer ? What of augustkhalilibrahim, she has seen much and can create and elucidate ?What of Sherry Caris, her mind is keen and sees what others cannot ? And what of Chantelle Dawn Skye, can she bring a chant of understanding, or the brightness of morning sky to help me see ?

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