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I cannot make a baby magically sleep through the night, but given two sleep-deprived adults, I can make one sleep for 3 to 4 hours with 2 to 4 milligrams of Ativan, while the other must stay awake and stand watch over the baby alone. 3 hours of sleep has saved the lives of many a Marine and soldier out on a listening post while the other Marine or soldier held the night at bay. I apologize for this as it can only sound harsh and preachy and cruel. Sleep is life. There are two of you, one must get some sleep. 3 hours will seem like paradise after days and days of broken naps and quick shut-eye. I wish you and Rohan and the “water bear” some respite. Again I apologize for this but I know the horrible cruelty that lack of sleep can inflict on even the strongest of the strong, which you most assuredly are, Emily. Forgive my harshness of tone. I wish you life and light and sleep. (For those readers confused by the “water bear”, they nicknamed their child Tardigrade which is a tiny animal that lives on moss and is less than a millimeter long and looks like a tiny bear and is itself often called the “water bear.”)

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