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Mahmoud Awad

I didn’t catch the details of the money side of the trade but I thought I heard someone say that in the short term, the trade to the Pelicans would cost Cousins $30 million. This is not a good omen for his state of mind which is often that of the unfairly persecuted and unappreciated superstar. Also I think his on-court volatility will never change and this is going to be like sand in the gears of Anthony Davis who is so focused and disciplined. Cousins is a great player but his focus is always inward. That is going to be hard integrate into the style of play that Davis epitomizes. So I see a short term gain for the Pelicans and then a disintegration by next February. Cousins is a great player and a fully-developed person who will never change and frankly his volatility may increase especially as the short-term success puts pressure on the team to make the 8 spot or even the 7th seed. Pressure and expectations amplify a player’s bad habits and emotional volatility. It will be entertaining and put fans in the seats. Thanks for the response and enjoy the next four months. I watch the playoffs because defense is finally given top priority and the best teams give it everything the entire game. Enjoy. Cheers.

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