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I must admit that I often love poetry and often love it for different reasons and often I like it and I have no idea what it is about. Since I am not a poet maybe that is one of the goals for a poet. I like this poem but I have no idea what it means especially the horse and the cart. Again this is praise and simultaneous head scratching. Of course I am mad that the thunderstorms never reached me here in Springfield, Missouri . I will be much more amenable when the lightning and thunder and sheets of rain eventually come. Some poems and stories and posts and comments are so good I wish the powers that be would add a “plus” sign. Aren’t we all kids at heart and remember the extra pride that “plus” sign added to our paper or report or grade card. That is how old I am and How much of a kid still runs around inside this old devil dog frame. Jules, I took your advice and didn’t do the @ thing for this poet. A green heart “plus.” I can’t wait for Lizella Prescott to put up another story.

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