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I WONDER WHAT CALIBER A GIF OF A LOOSE CANNON WOULD LOOK LIKE ? PROBABLY A BIG OLE 155MM HOWITZER WITH WILE E COYOTE AT THE HELM. GIDDYUP. IS THIS TECHNICALLY FEASIBLE ? CAN GOOGLE SAVE US ALL WITH ITS NEW AI BRAINIAC UNIVAC SEARCH ENGINE THINGEE ? RUIN THAT WITH A GIF, MS N. GO AHEAD. MAKE THEM BLEED. CAN AN AI THINGEE BLEED ? i always forget the name of google stuff i read about at . bloomberg, all the business news and all the fun of a really cool visit to the hip new dentist. giddyup, economic root canals. amen and amen. no gifs from the valley of the dolls, part two. that sequel ruined the entire experience of valley of dolls .