People Love FREE Stuff (and kittens)
S Lynn Knight

If Medium abandons its current state and goes to its Brave New Alternative, then I very much doubt that “sustaining itself monetarily” and “establishing a profitable existence for investors” can be realized. The recent history of Twitter is not indicative of a bright and sustained future for Medium. If Medium disappears as it exists today in a deeply flawed state, then for those of us who cannot pay a monthly fee or refuse to pay a monthly fee, then that will be the end. “You can’t have everything in life.” How many people said that within my earshot since I was five years old. I guess I will spend all my restless keyboard energy on Google Plus. The best thing that could happen to any online site such as Medium and Google Plus would be for a vast expansion in high speed Internet access. If everyone in America had a minimum of 250 MB per second Internet then advertising would be a much more viable alternative to the proliferation of monthly fee service use. So when Medium says, Pay ten bucks per month for Basic Access, I will say: Good luck and Vaya con dios.

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