I may have missed some bits of conversation , but from what I did read (fealt like evesdroppinng…
Ivana Knezevic

Ivana Knezevic, I was just going to bed and I thought I should check my medium.com account before another night of sleep riddled with nightmares. In short I kicked its butt for 23 days and then it pounded me into the ground for several months. I told my cardiac surgeon Dr. John Steinberg that I would be discharged by him in three days flat. He was slightly amused by my optimism but I was determined. He cracked me open at about 8 AM central time in Springfield Missouri at the LE Cox South Hospital on the day before Thanksgiving the 25th of November of 2015. I said to myself , Thomas Reese, smile and be pleasant and ask nicely and smile some more and compliment the staff and nurses and make light jokes and do exactly what they say and after one rough night in the intensive care with the hurricane forcing device known as the CPAP from Hell I was moved out of intensive care on the afternoon of the second day and after one more night Dr. Steinberg came to me on the third morning, Saturday and said are you ready to go and I popped up and loudly said “discharge me before noon.” To this he grinned widely and said “you really ready to go right now and I said “Oh yeah doc send me home I am ready to walk on my own.” 2 hours and 40 minutes of paperwork later I was wheeled out of the hospital and my girlfriend drove me home and every time her Mazda 3 hit a bump in the street it felt like a knife being driven into my ribs and center chest. But back home and in 20 days I was walking 5. 2 miles by myself in 5 sets of walks. Dr. John Steinberg and his crew were impressed. they sent me home and I proceeded to fade and fade and fade in strength and drive. Then I got hit with a hammer-blow of depression to which I am sometimes prone. It took weeks to overcome then I started shadowboxing and got stronger every day for 29 days straight and then wham, i got hit with bronchitis and other problems that pop up in life aside from heart surgery and bronchitis and I have lately been tormented by extremely vivid and sometimes horrifying nightmares. But I “ain’t dead yet.” there is life in me still . I saw you posted this just 2 hours ago and so I answered you first. If this is not enough there can be more said. I can’t promise how quick but when I saw my psychiatrist , the truly outstanding, kind and gentle Dr. D. Paul Dobard, Jr. of Ozarks Community Hospital and I told him I was so worn out he said “Now Tom what is the first thing you would tell someone else dealing with this ? and I mumbled “give it time and plenty of time, you are doing good.” and he said “Now tell yourself that. So in short it is a hard short term operation to overcome and the weeks and months later can sap your strength even when you think you are getting stronger. Nice to meet you. Cheers.

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