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Jules, It was a defense to what I thought was a harsh tone of command and demands and confusion ( that I did not create the confusion.)I am very sluggish with a bad head cold and I am at 7:46 am Central here in Springfield, Missouri, USA catching up. I will never give you both barrels. Any woman of your talents who also picks up a K-bar is my friend and admired friend forever. Your “perfect husband” should consider himself lucky to have such a fine, flawed and loyal Jules. I do not know how often to contact you as I have been berated by you as a chatterer and I do not want to write any revelatory stories for a long time. You are the first person I ever told about the Taurus revolver and the long night of dry-fire roulette. I told it to you, not even my favorite psychiatrist knows the story in full. I told it to you and of course since I know you through alone then everyone could read it. Your perfect husband is a fortunate man. We are different and I am trying to tone down a lot my harshness and when you are harsh to me, frankly it stuns and hurts. wherever you are be well and you can always send me a let’s chat post.

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