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Jules, Oh, I have issues. They were swirling in my head yesterday and last night. It is 8:06 AM central time here in Missouri. And we barely got any rain last night. the thunderstorms died out to nothing. the road and sidewalk are barely wet. So Springfield, Missouri is still needing rain while towns 10 and 25 miles away got huge slow thunderstorms. It is 8:09 AM central . My given name at birth was Thomas Reese Barton. Anyone with a name that starts with a “J” can call me Thomas Reese. It won’t make me flashback in horror to standing in dread before my Dad. He did a lot of good for a lot of people. And he suffered a lot of pain before he died in 2010. His name was Donald Reese. He grew up in Baltimore Maryland which the time there is now 9:13 AM Eastern. Of course Missouri and the city of Baltimore Maryland are part of the United States. I know other countries can be vast distances from the Ozarks in Missouri. I am not demanding that someone say the when and where of their life in this world. It is helpful to this writer. There can be good reasons especially for women not to identify the when and where because some jackass man may attempt to harass or hurt or bully her. I will definitely be in “heavy bag pounding’ shape in the Underworld when my time comes. I have a long list of men I will enjoy pounding into the ground. My subconscious has detailed files on many men like that. signing off, Thomas Reese , the middle son of Donald Reese. We both did and do our best.