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Jules, talk about a hard sell ! I don’t know when I will get to it. I just shadow-boxed 4 and a half minutes at an EASY easy pace and it tuckered me out. really tuckered me out. I got 118 days of training ahead of me to get some semblance of boxing strength back. When my surgeon cracked my chest open the day before Thanksgiving I said I would do two things : One, I would get out of the hospital in 3 days. I did. Two, I would get back a lot of the strength I lost. That has been harder. I had a hard bout of depression starting just 6 days after getting home and the surgery itself drained my internal feeling of strength and drive. Now after these 4 and one half minutes today I know just how far I have to “hump up that hillside” to get to the ridgeline which looks like it is about 4000 meters away nearly straight up. It is gonna be a grind. But when I was a Marine I believed there were only two kinds of people in the world: Marines and “slimy civilians.” I want to be hard and strong again. My surgeon told me the week before surgery that I was squarely “100 per cent mortality in three years.” So now I got a new aortic valve and now I can keep gaining strength and endurance, not limited by a piece of junk deep in my heart. So that will have to come first every day for the next 118 days. Everything else is secondary. I won’t be the fierce 27 year old Marine I was, but I will be the hardest-hitting-55-yr-old-guy-on-the-heavy-bag. And that may take another 118 days. I ain’t dead yet and I am highly-motivated to pound that heavy bag into the ground. ( Sorry I took so long answering your responds to me today.) I ain’t never been this weak and it ain’t gonna stand. Now you need to give me an analysis of why we are right about “Lost in Translation” and that other guy critic is wrong. I forgot his name. That four and a half minutes really wore me out. Back to work tomorrow. Thanks, Tom.

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