Bravo! I bow to your wisdom Screams, whispers or murmurs A word is beautiful in any form
Indira Reddy

My Brava to your Bravo,

my wild to your bewilderment,

my waltz to your dance of words,

my stunned by beauty to your lost in beauty,

Bewildered by beauty, can it truly be for you and me,

Our words span the skies in scintillating beams,

We are lost, yet not lost, for our center is shared,

our center resides in the falling aurora,

and we find our bearings in the silken beams of colours,

the colours adorning and draping and rippling across the sky,

surely we are lost together in our waltz of words,

and as we waltz, we are found, found in each others gifts,

as we waltz, we share bewilderment and in that wild state,

we stand not alone, but together, sharing embrace,

we stand together bewildered by beauty and free in our wild.

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