Alas, Kentucky did not prevail… A painful loss, and yet, given the record for NC, not at all that…

“not at all that surprising?” Spoken like a Carolina Tar Heel fan with a powder-blue North Carolina jersey! Way up in NY City, no less! Well I thought Kentucky would pull it out, but two great threes were answered by a clutch beautiful jumper by a Carolina big guy, he looked to be 6'6" at least. I believe it will be two Carolinas in the final game. North Carolina will defeat Oregon and the ferocious team defense of South Carolina will overwhelm the players and head coach of Gonzaga. This may be the year that absolutely relentless, dogged, team defense wherein the individual defenders are also excellent, this type of defense may yet claim the National Title. It would be good for basketball and the long-suffering Gamecocks basketball fans will have some long, long-awaited National Glory and recognition. Almost time for the excellent writing and performances in HBO’s “Big Little Lies.” Giddyup.

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