Late Night Thoughts and Shit #2
Paul Cantor

Paul Cantor, I just zoomed to the responses because I had an epiphany. Or a minor idea. Something went PING when you talked about the richness and clarity of thought when you drive. Seinfeld got a lot of good comic chatter and moments out of his comics getting coffee show. You should get an App for taking your dictation as you drive. Then you can edit it later. I used to have all kinds of cool thinking time on my Red Yamaha sportbike, it was really fertile sometime. But you have the technology in that iPhone to make it work. Just try a Thursday evening drive or a Saturday drive to the Finger Lakes. You won’t make it there probably, way too far from your urban environs. Give it a spin. Also, Spike Lee would have been well-served to re-name his Chiraq movie. The substance would be the same but the title was not inviting. Hell, he could have had a character who was nicknamed chiraq after he had served in Iraq and was now embroiled in the city’s life. I didn’t see the movie but titles count for box office and first get them in the seats and then give them their new experience. I should shut up now commenting on title choices of established directors on movies I have not seen. But get driving, drive on down the road and let your muse be heard. But no road rage rants, bad for the new endeavour which may or may not be a Ponzi scheme. I will see what develops. You’re a good egg and a clear thinker and fine writer. STIMULATE that part of you whatever it takes. “Hey, gunny, Tarzan brought me a bunch of bananas. Oh, they are studio props. Damn.”

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