Hey Thomas R.
Paul Cantor

Paul Cantor, It sounds like you have a version unique to you of “My Dinner With Andre.” Manhattan is so compressed in time, space and thinking space. If you knew how to ride a motorcycle I would say … parking space cost again..Damn, could you rent a storage unit in …Geez, your own home is like a flexible prison, enchanted village, staggering city and NO PLACE to move in silence. Hell, if I lived there I would provide security for you as a 6'3" devil dog and just find a spot, How about one of those large boulders in Central Park but again the crooks are out at 5 AM and Midnight. You are in a bind. You should start a writers’ consortium, group buy a Ford Fiesta with 40,000 miles on it and share the costs and find yourself some driving time. There have to be other writers in Manhattan who are anxious for “clear, silent, whizzingby thinking time.” It would be like an UBER for Writers Who Need AWAY Time. I think my best thought was you composing your own version of My Dinner with Andre. Good luck. You got the skills and the ear for dialogue. Giddyup. I Can See It Now: Off Off Broadway theater premiering Paul Cantor’s “MY FLUID DINNER PARTY: Dialogue, Dinner and Easy Banter.” I bet that Paul Giamatti cat would go for it.

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