When you type IN BLOCK CAPITALS, it sounds like you’re SHOUTING.
Bill St. Clair

please don’t play the trombone in a kilt whilst dancing in the contiguous 48 states. also while mister lion is away on vacation, i am looking after his other ne’er do well cousin, mister dire wolf. so regrettable i must yell at that lupine in dire occasions. i am inventing an attosecond-speed converter for medium.com that will translate allcaps horror into smallcaps paradiso within 18 attoseconds. the price has not been set. it will be last on my list of things to think about after my double-invasive heart valve test on this wednesday. please, no allcaps in the testing area or operating theatre. shhh. shhh. dr. isler is in deep contemplation of the grading curve for her elite writers. shh, shh.

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