Thomas R. Barton, JD

regrettably, timothy will not play the trombone for my cardiologist this wednesday as my doctor takes the high esophygeal road south to my aortic valve and then as a real fun time experience he takes the low road circa groinius oldmanius north to further his explorations of my troubled heart tissue, valvius aortius messedupius. also i have asked my cardiologist and his surgeon colleague to refrain from wearing their customary kilts in the colors of the kansas city chiefs. shh, hush, hush, keep it down now, mrs petty ?! or is it voices carry or cash and carry or carry me back to old virginia . just do it softly and with a tasteful kilt in calm calm air. pitter pat, goes the old devildog’s heart. in the distance a plaintive trombone sounds — no not taps — it sounds lousy. amen and amen.