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Scarlett Johansson, who has busted her ass and paid her dues and made a ton of money for the Hollywood machine, if she wants to play a cyborg with a Japanese brain or an Ozarks hillbilly brain or the brain of a devil dog/Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R superbike, then she can damn well play the role. Goddamm it all, a woman has star power and the power to choose her roles and she gets slammed for playing a role. That will really help advance the role and respect of women in Hollywood. Japan has a 5.6 trillion dollar economy, incredibly talented writers and actors. Let them make a “Ghost in the Shell” movie or remake the first Terminator with a slimmed down and charismatic Sumo star. It ain’t rocket science. They have the resources. You guys should be slamming the Producers Guild for not making more movies with Asian women playing cyborgs with Valley Girl brains. Let Scarlett be. She has to live in France, France, much of the year. Those troublesome, lovable Frogs are punishment enough.