Usually. Normally it’s when I meet someone and I know much more about them than I logically should.
Sherry Caris

Sherry Caris, I just read this and highlighted the whole thing. You think about the extent of your gift in these matters. This strikes me as an intial interview in a hurried 3 minutes in the coutroom with a client. Methinks this is the iceberg floating on the surface; — — what lies beneath? You take your time. No rush. I will let you bring it up. I am going to take a nap and then read your story about you did or didn’t become a junkie slob. No scuba gear, just devil dog diving holding his breath. I can’t rely on triple 100’s every time hard stories come my way. Maybe it is all you want to say to me on I can always email you. Yes, yes I actually know how to email. Pretty well. I have to type the header slow so I don’t screw up the permanent listing. I gotta try a dose of hard insomnia tonight to clear my over-medicated head. Have a good Sunday. Beautiful here and summer heat will be roaring all week . Time to shadowbox in the sun. Giddyup. Neither of us is allowed a tear or a sob for 48 hours. I am not a trained clinician but I have a doctorate in Law, so “Doctor, doctor, give me the news…..” I miss Karen Carpenter on the radio. NO, NO, NO, no crying for 48 hours.

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