But, but, but I’ve always wanted that beautiful set AND I’ve always wanted to learn to read Tarot…
Sherry Caris

Sherry Caris When you get a chance can you tell what Tarot Cards you are going to get from your friend and are they the 21 trumps plus the other card and are they going to be created by her in the Rider waite style. (All Tarot Card enthusiasts please allow me and Sherry Caris to learn our craft in isolation. Just like all the technical divers gave me free artistic reign to write about ‘bounce dives’ and triple 100s and Laban and 114 meters. Once I achieve some ability then you can bombard me with advice or thoughts. Of course I may not be all that gentle in my response. I consider this a grave and serious undertaking. Show respect or see how unpleasant a devil dog can get. Cheers. (Tarot cards mean many things to many people. Allow me to learn by myself and with the guidance of Sherry Caris and her artist friend’s talented cards.)

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