The thing about writers who’s words give you goose bumps is that they just want to share the magic…
Stella Njogo

STELLA I SUGGEST YOU MAKE FRIENDS WITH TWO DIVERSE PEOPLE : ONE IS THE INIMITABLE, THE ELECTRIC, THE ENDLESS PERSONIFICATION OF “ESQUIRE”-NESS, THE MAN-ABOUT-TOWN-AND-THE-PLEAIDES, VIKRAM BABU. ( I THINK THAT IS HIS REAL LAST NAME, IT IS NOT A STAGE NAME. ) THE OTHER PERSON IS BEST DESCRIBED : lover of the little things : kilts, yes, tighty-whities, no. trombones, yes, orchestral brass arrangements recorded in studio, no. smallcaps, yes, ALLCAPS, NO NO NO AND no. softly spoken readings by dr. isler, yes. and yes and yes. he has a thing for hot academics who take no guff. amen and amen. AND ADD THE WORDS : SEX WITH ELON MUSK, IT WAS LIKE AN H-BOMB EXPLODING. with these words i send thee forth to garner big stats and big cash if the ipo can still proceed once the chinese economy chinese copper implosion bomb ruins everything for everybody. even vikram.