Yes, No, it’s complicated.
Aura Wilming

That was a thorough explanation and I trust you will refrain from further Jedi analysis as your fellow “Trekkies” may begin to doubt your real allegiances! Of course I am neither a Trek or a Wars person. I haven’t even seen the latest Star Trek movie with the oddly dappled antagonists to Kirk and company. I thought HBO would get it but apparently it went to Starz or someone I don’t get on my cable package. Thanks for the thorough explanation. I wish I had seen “Rogue One” so I could tease you about that but as you stated you are a Trek person and only have a passing acquaintance with the “dark side.” I believe the last Star Trek movie either had a romance between Spock and the current Uhuru character, is that her name in the Trek movies ? I always thought that would drive Trek fans into a civil war as Spock should not be in an active romance or should he? Enjoy the travels in deep space and don’t be permanently entranced by the Dark Side. Cheers.

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