“The Universe may yet be infinite, but our knowledge of it never will be.”
Thomas R. Barton, JD

The gist of my too brief exposition was NOT that “knowing a lot means knowing everything.” If I could remember the SCI channel episode where one professor of Mathematics is on a sandy beach and he gives of short exposition on how much information is contained in the Universe and how much we could possibly learn within a certain number of years even with what he termed advanced computational abilities, let us say I remember correctly and he said there were 10 to the 123 rd power of “information” in the universe and even if we were greatly advanced in observation, computation, etc then the most we could learn was 10 to the 100th. Thus leaving a vast gap of 10 to the 23rd power and that is a huge amount that according to him we could not learn and could not fit inside our entire universe even on our advanced technology. So just say I accept that proposition. Today there is a mathematician on a SCI channel program saying “X, Y, Z equals too much information and it can never be known.” If you want to accept that as Ironclad, and An Eternal Verity with respect to man, that is your choice. My point which I failed to make and will probably fail to make again is what if the SCI channel existed in 1951 and it had a segment with these two electronics engineers so proudly standing next to “the UNIVAC” and they were asked to speculate on information and computational abilities of man in 66 years. They would have absolutely no basis for a rational calculation. And maybe they could make some wild guess on computational power and be in the ballpark of today, but they would have no way to make even a ‘Wild Guess’ on informational usage and information storage and information transport and information encryption and information dissection. How could they? Men and women of today have no basis in fact or in their mathematical constructs to say what the state of informational knowledge and informational use and computational power and computational subjects will be 66 years from today. I just recently read a brief article on Science Daily website. It was way beyond my understanding but it involved work by scientists at one branch of the German Max Planck Institute. The Institute has several sub-divisions and these in turn collaborate with other researchers. The article in question seemed to my limited understanding to be saying that these researchers could manipulate and measure or manipulate and deliberately change the parameters of a tiny portion of the part of the quantum world known as the virtual vacuum. Where virtual particles are commonly said to ‘pop in and out of existence.’ Again I cannot accurately describe their work. and I guarantee you no man or woman on the ‘cutting edge of science’ 66 years ago could even begin to say what they were doing or how they might do it and what it actually meant. In summing up, any fixed point in time of scientific understanding from 66 years ago has no understanding in the vast quantitative growth in knowledge and the vast computational growth but also the vast growth in the subjects of inquiry and what can be done to observe and manipulate those subjects of inquiry and what can be done to store digitally and transfer digitally to other researchers and experimented upon digitally by other researchers at the same time or very near to “real-time” digital exchange, understanding, computation, manipulation. So any mathematician standing on a beach has NO idea Period of the Capabilities of Science in 66 years to Store data, analyze data, examine and discuss data, and he has NO IDEA what subjects of exploration and inquiry will be examined with instruments that this Mathematician on a beach simply cannot imagine. Guess what, We have Profound Limitations Today even 66 years after VASTLY exceeding the Limitations of 1951. And since no one can give a satisfactory explanation for why the Much Beloved Inflation of Cosmology ever began, why it only lasted for a vanishingly small time and then stopped. No one can say that if that is the definitive mechanism leading to the current configuration of the Cosmos, then why are there not multiple Inflations still occurring.OOOPPs I got sidetracked by a personal peeve I have with current Big Bang analysis. Maybe in 66 years everything will be crystal clear or perhaps relegated to the junk heap of “Science Dogma Then, Science Overwhelmed and Left in the Dust circa 2083.”

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