For Coffee Circles by Dewi:
Thomas R. Barton, JD

“The Logistics of Poetry” a shout-out to the laughing Dewi.

the poet carries her words in a satchel,

strange place you might think,

but it is an extraordinary satchel,

it travels wherever she roams, it contains anything she asks of it,

if she ventures into the open air of joy and pleasures it is ever so light,

if she treads on delicate matters, sensitive and shining, it barely stirs,

“speak to us of love, dear poet,” we cry,

it is a satchel so expansive, so kind, so embracing of life,

what a marvel, this poetic satchel, what a thrilling simple expression,

but how can it hold the dark and the doubting and the pain and the fear,

how can a satchel so imbued with loving expression contain contrary visions,

that is indeed the mystery of the satchel she possesses,

so mere logistics is not what this satchel is about,

nor is the satchel itself important,

it has no powers to create or affix meaning in souls adrift,

no, the satchel is a mere amulet, a symbol of the poet and her quest,

she will travel through all terrains, all travails, all joys, all sorrows,

she will speak of love and confidence, fear and self-doubt,

we see her make her excursions into those realms and we see her amulet, her satchel,

and in seeing that she makes us see and feel,

she makes us wonder and question,

she makes us certain and shaken,

she gives voice to the joy and the love,

she whispers of longing and sorrow,

she does all these things,

all these things which comprise the logistics of poetry.

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