I Am Tough Like an Marine Drill Instructor
Joey McKeown

There are ZERO Marine Drill Sergeants. None. There are many “Drill Instructor Sergeant Ramirez.” There are many “Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Jones.” There are even “Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Blackgrave.” The Senior Drill Instructor is in charge of all activity in the recruit platoon and he has two and occasionally even three Drill Instructors under him. Drill Sergeants exist only in the world of the United States Army. As to speaking “very sweetly to myself” and “not sure if drill Sergeants do this but they should”: Again no drill Sergeants at United States Marine Corps boot camp, but I did have a “Drill Instructor Sergeant Gonzalez” who in one moment could be speaking to us conversationally and even on the verge of laughter and seconds later he could have the entire platoon in fear and on the edge of physical exhaustion as he “thrashed” the platoon. ( I will let you Google that one.) I must apologize for lecturing you to the point of hectoring but I am viscerally enraged by the latest news of the Trump White House. I enjoyed your brief post. Again sorry about the hectoring. “C-130 rollin’ down the strip, Marine Corps Ranger gonna take a little trip…..” Imagine the sound of one highly motivated Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Jones leading seventy-six recruits in this song. ( Wow, your skin really is smooth!)

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