Open letter to a guy who wrote an open letter to the mayor of San Francisco about homelessness
Jim Gavin

three ravens came to me in a dream and i said,” if you’re looking for devon henry i think she is shopping for a good used honda civic south of here.” No, we are here to present jonathan swift’s plan to solve the san francisco homeless problem. i said, “Why me ?” Because you used to post outrageous stufff in allcaps and this is right up your old alley. i said, “let’s not belabor the past, i will just say it straight out and i don’t want to talk to jonathan swift’s ghost. so here it is , as the three ravens fly away, the big plan to solve the homeless problem in san francisco direct from j swift : feed the homeless to all the starving sea lions suffering from el nino-induced malnourishment. cc this idea to that justin guy.

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