That would last for about ten minutes before I’d have either my sketchbook and pencils or a canvas…

Tonight I am looking forward to the new show on FX network “Taboo.” Its star is the incomparable actor, Tom Hardy, who portrays understated, stealthy danger so engagingly. The promo trailers are rich and vivid visually and afterward I will seek out on Medium if you have any artwork posted. So I post a simple line on Walden Pond, you respond with the artist at work, I will watch Mister Hardy’s excellence and then go on a casual search for another artist’s work, namely yours. A simple line grows and flows to a fine actor at work and who knows what images will be seen on the TV and what images of yours I will find. Maybe one, maybe none. Maybe. Time. Art. Flow. A line, an image, a cascade of images, art resounding through…Time.

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