Yes , there is no I in team !
Susan Christiana

Well, I am pushed for time, but I dissent from this Coach’s Golden Rule. There is an I in Marine, which I was and there is an I in Integrating Individuals For Maximium Impact!!! Lot of I’s!!! Every plalyer has skills that each other can call on, each player must be taught to maximize individual defensive skills to create a ferocious(I in that word) team defense. Each player must integrate his or her individual scoring abilities into the flow of five players moving the ball, passing the ball crisply, attacking the lane, kicking it out to the open three shooter, and pounding the ball inside to maximize the post power of the big guys. A lot of I’s a lot of work a lot of pride, a lot of aggression a lot of discipline, a lot of caring, a lot of coalescing, a lot of confidence, a lot of instruction, a lot learning, a lot of training and a lot of unrelenting pressure placed on the opponent on both ends of the floor. A lot of I’s. I love it. I would pound every opponent that faced my Gonzaga team as currently composed. Mark Few does not share my beliefs on the Inside Outside game as the dominant method to attack an opponent when you have not one , but three very good to outstanding Big Men. It is a waste of size and talent. Gonzaga could play the same Mark Few game with two 6'6" guys and one 6'8" guy. he squanders those big men. He and his team are in for a relentless shock when South Carolina gets them after a week of rest and prep. South Carolina has a highly disciplined and relentless defense with individual defensive skills and the players and head coach have integrated those skills into a Fierce, Fierce Team Defensive Power. Thus South Carolina and North Carolina will play for the National Championship. There are lots of I’s in Integrated, Fierce, Disciplined Teams where each individual is integrated into the team framework on both ends of the court. Unrelenting Maximization.

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