Do you like mysteries? Agatha Christie? John Grisham?
Gail Boenning

When I was in my thirties, I would read the detective novels of Inspector Kaminsky and the Scudder tales of Lawrence Block and the harsh and yet oddly spiritual work of the exceptional Andrew Vachss. I tried to read a Larry Block novel two years ago but I could not suspend enough disbelief to immerse myself in the work. I have become, in some ways, so hardened by life that I cannot identify with the set pieces necessary in detective fiction. I never cared for Stephen King’s writing, but that is no slur on him. I remember correcting someone recently on the glaring cinematic liberties that permeate the boot camp scenes in the movie of Marines in Vietnam, “Full Metal Jacket.” that night I had terrible nightmares where…. you don’t need to hear this. I enjoyed the first Amityville Horror movie. But scary movies don’t reach into my primitive brain. I am glad you can immerse yourself in the words and experience the author’s full realized art. Enjoy your scary reads, some scientists believe they fulfill the brain and its needs in healing ways. Health through scary movies and scary books! Suspend thy disbelief for better health!

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