Yeah, Helen, get me Ivana Knezevic at I don’t know which office. It could be Amsterdam or maybe New York advising the new office between flights to Bombay or Mumbai or whatever or wherever it is called she is off to. You got her, great. “Yeah, Ivana, you’re a world traveler with Galaxy-class Miles, do you know how to get the translation matrix to work ? Well, I know you’re not the head of IT or anything but I don’t speak Italian and I was wondering if has a translation thingee for that Giulia Blasi piece from the Italian publication @Scrivere oggi . Oh, yeah, thanks for recommending my piece about terrifying remote controls and Mozart at 80 meters. It will stand as my first: first rejection letter generator or first published piece by an honest-to-goodness publication. I admire your fearlessness traveling to India alone. I am filled with trepidation just driving to the state of Indiana ! Thanks for reading and the green heart. Ciao.

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